Install the Jolp Mobile App

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the Jolp app for Android and iOS today. Our app is designed to give you a taste of the Jolp audio content and hopefully grow a big community of users, parents and teachers to give feedback, so we can keep improving the Jolp learning experience.

Tell your friends, tell your teachers, download, listen and send us your comments and ideas!


How To Install The App

To install the app, just go to the app store on your phone and search for “Jolp”:

You will need an email address, and access to your email to get an OTP code. You may want to ask a parent to use their email address. Once you enter that you’ll see all the content and categories. Next, go to settings, you may want to set the app to only download or play when you are on a Wi-Fi network. This saves on mobile data costs.


How to Listen Offline

You can now browse the Jolp audio content. Use the little airplane icon to download content to your phone, and the star to mark it as a favourite. Once the little circle around the airplane icon goes away, you know the track is saved on your device. You can now disconnect from your Wi-Fi, plug in your earphones and go for a walk – a fun learning adventure, we hope 🙂

Start your adventure with two really amazing episodes: “How trees talk to each other” and “Super cool”.


Spread the Word

We hope you tell your friends and parents about the really cool and interesting things you learn and discover. Enjoy the stories. Stay curious, keep learning!

*Big thanks to the NicheStreem team for hosting and publishing the Jolp app.


Have Ideas? Want To Chat?

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or, use our Contact page to get in touch.