Our Moonshot Idea

Our Mission

To provide access to stories that can change the world, through a $5 device containing 500 hours of learning.

Our Values

Impact, on a global scale.
Lifelong learning.
Educational abundance.

How We Do It

A passionate team.
A love for learning.
Executing on a big dream.

Why Audio Learning?

We all like stories, they feed our imagination. Story telling is the oldest teaching medium. Listening to stories lights up a huge number of areas in your brain.

Most digital education systems are video based. They require expensive devices that frequently need charging and internet access, break easily, and make children a target for theft. Screens remove children from the world around them.

Audio content has been largely neglected for education in recent years. Our headsets and apps offer an incredible storytelling medium, with accessible, relevant and entertaining content.

Stories can change the world!

Create an Educational Abundance Society

At Jolp we believe that all children should have access to our best knowledge and wisdom. Technology can enable a global base-level of education.

We want to accelerate learning with highly scalable tools and content. Digitised, democratised, and disruptive.

We envisage a future with peaceful understanding across nations, across distance and borders. With our global community of curators and contributors, we’d like to find the best content to stimulate rational and scientific thinking in future generations.

Let’s create an educational abundance society!

Founding Team

Heleen Mills

Passionate about education, design, digital media and campaigns for social and environmental change. Serial learner. Trail runner, open water swimmer. Fast tent pitcher.

Follow Heleen on Twitter, Instagram or on her website.

Joe Botha

Imagineer, serial entrepreneur, idealist, hacker for good, passionate about tech and open source. Podcast nerd, lifelong learner. Types Dvorak. Enjoys Studio Ghibli movies. Dad to an 12 year old girl.

Follow Joe on Twitter, Instagram or on his website.

Curiosity creates meaning!

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