Jolp is an audio learning platform for young girls.

STEM Learning

We love telling stories about life science, maths and technology. Jolp aims to inspire curiosity and lifelong learning.

Learning Adventures

Learning is no longer confined to a textbook, a person or a room. Take a learning adventure anywhere, anytime.

Auxiliary Learning

Learn anywhere! While active, on the move or doing chores. Learning is no longer a single-tasking activity. 

Global Community

Jolp is supported by a global community of parents, teachers and people passionate about learning.

Our Global Education Challenge

Many children, and girls in particular, don’t get exposed to the joys of learning early enough. They grow up in widely disparate environments and social circumstances, and often miss out on being taught basic life skills and objective reasoning.

This is a global problem with parents being under increased pressure, especially in less fortunate communities. The lack of access to education has far reaching effects for communities, nations and our global economy.

This challenge is not insurmountable, and is one that has to be addressed by our generation!

100+ million youth worldwide lack basic literacy skills.
More than 60% of them are women.

Children account for nearly half of the world’s extreme poor.

57 million children remain out of school.
More than half of those live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

40% of Africa’s population is under the age of 15.

It is estimates that the world will need 5 million more teachers globally by 2030.

An estimated 250 million children around the world cannot read, write, or demonstrate basic arithmetic skills.

The Jolp Approach to Education

The Joy of Learning

Jolp is an affordable headset with a large volume of curated audio content. Jolp teaches girls aged 10 to 16 valuable life skills in a fun and engaging way. Stories can change the world!

Idle Time and Spare Cycles

Jolp is a supplemental learning tool which positively utilises idle time girls may have, for example walking to school, riding on the bus, or doing chores.

Jolp Devices

The Jolp devices are light-weight, low power, low cost and self contained with a large storage capacity. Our headsets are designed to be used offline and are well suited for developing markets.

Educational Audio Content

Jolp content covers various topics such as health, nutrition and science fundamentals. We aim to nurture curiosity and the joy of learning new and interesting things.